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Oilon Burners range includes:

  • Burners for standard and special fuels, for example biogas, coke oven gas or animal fat
  • Burners with minimum emissions
  • Modernization of existing boiler plants by installing new burners or additional modernization measures such as speed control, O2 control or the use of the latest control technology
  • Low-NOX burners for most of the common fuels

The OILON burner range sets the standards for today’s asphalt production, incorporating unique design concepts to ensure asphalt is produced at the most efficient level.

OILON have been proven with quality, efficiency and safety. The impact of emission on the environment has also been a prime consideration. Since the introduction of burners for asphalt plants OILON Burner is the preferred choice for asphalt plant manufacturers. OILON burners are now working at numerous asphalt production sites across the world.

OILON gas, oil and dual fuel burners comply with the EN standards.

OILON oil and gas burners are used in textile industry for

  • Steam boilers
  • Thermic fluid heaters
  • Stenter machines

OILON burners are used in metal industry for

  • Lacquer drying
  • Paint baking ovens
  • Galvanizing plants
  • Powder coating ovens
  • Tank heating
  • Oil field Heater treaters
  • Oil field Steam generators
  • Crude oil heaters
  • Tank Heating
  • Water bath indirect heaters
  • Forced Draft Bath Heater
  • Sand Drying
  • Glass Ovens
  • Steam and hot water boilers in ships
  • Heating of tanks
  • Sludge utilization in ships
  • Asphalt drums
  • Direct Fired paint ovens for train carriages
  • Tea drying ovens
  • Grain dryers
  • Incineration of different industrial waste
  • Ignition burners
  • Sludge burning equipment
  • Incineration of animal remains
  • Use of waste fuel or gas from process as fuel
  • Production of process steam
  • Cooking of cellulose
  • chemical industrial processes
  • Spray dryers